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Data plugin (vbsd) status indicator

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From a debug perspective it is fine just a text line but that is it.  By limited I mean that is not connected directly to the execution and just a line.  I need to add dbm messages to all my functions to generate the stack trace...by manually populating a variable and adding dbm messages.  No execution timing, memory, no verbose level.  No parameter echo, etc.

[5512] NI: (THB) >>>>thb_channel_calc_run

[5512] NI: (THB) >>>>thb_create_setting_validation_channel

[5512] NI: (THB) <<<<thb_create_setting_validation_channel

[5512] NI: (THB) <<<<thb_channel_calc_run


To use it as a user interface is limiting as the DebugView application is developers tool.  Users need to install it and setup text filters and it does not integrate into DIAdem which what the user application is.  Why not pipe dbm output optionally into another tab next to logfile in the script interface?


From a debug perspective I too seem to use the debug messages even more than the variable watch which surprised me.  Partly because running with debug slows down execution by quite a bit and because the view into variant objects is just {...}.  Seems like the DataPortal during debug execution is always refreshing.  Is there a way to disable the refresh unless a breakpoint is hit?   Some of the debug speed may be due to this update rate?   I will try running the script with the Data Portal hidden and see if execution speeds up.


I am newish to DIAdem/VBS so learning stuff all the time.  So maybe this exists already just waiting for me to find it.


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