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DIAdem2017 - Access violation error

When using DIAdem2017, it often shows "Access violation error" as below:



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Hi jamiex, 

Although this could be better verified in a support case (more details of this issue would be needed), it would be interesting to verify first:

1. When is the crash occurring? 

2. How reproducible is it? Is it happening only on one computer?

3. A fresh installation of DIAdem has helped? 

4. If this is occurring with a VBS Script, have you verified which part of the code is generating this crash? 



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Thanks for your help.

 I am not sure when the issue happened. I met it during a script running, or when add one more sheet in view window, I could not find its rule.

 it happen also on my coworker's diadem even after diadem re-installation. his diadem also is 2017.

no any complaint about diadem 2015 or 2012


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Hi Jamiex, 

Thank you for your reply. 


If this is related to the specific VBS Script it would be worth debugging it. Several commands have been changed from 2017 version of DIAdem onwards which might be the source of the issue. 

If you have a copy of the script that is causing the issue and could share it here I could take a quick look to see any potential issue. 


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