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DIAdem doesn't recognize my CurrentScriptPath function



I'm working in a new project in DIAdem 11 and I am having some problems with the CurrentScript function. Let me explain myself.


I'm working in Diadem 11 in USA, but when I send my script out to my collegues in Germany (using the same DIAdem version but in German) the script crash. Looking at his screen (attached) I'm under the impression that is because of this function since  DIAdem  doesn't recognize "CurrentScriptPath" ( is not turning  green as it should) am I right? Is there any way that I can overcome this issue?any ideas?  Because I guess that this function works regardless of the language  right?




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Hi Tafalla,


The variable CurrentScriptPath exists since DIAdem 2010 (11.2). A similar variable before 2010 is AutoActPath. There is no variable or command which depends on a certain DIAdem language (English, German or Japanese) but of course they are depending on a certain revision.




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Thanks for your reply!.


That's what I thought...so I yet to understand why it's not working in his computer...I'll try with the AutoActPath and see what happens. Thanks!!!

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