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DIAdem chm help not loading on click in application.

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Anyone else seeing that the link "Display Help on This Subject..." in DIAdem context help opens DIAdem help to the right content location but the DIAdem help view contains:


Can’t reach this page
Make sure the web address //ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm# is correct
Search for this site on Bing
Refresh the page


If I click on the contents link in the DIAdem help itself then the help page renders ok.


I disabled pop-up, virus scanner, etc.  no effect.


Tried it on three systems, 2 users same behavior.

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Accepted by topic author az_ltr
12-21-2018 07:35 PM

Since the monthly Windows update of October 9, 2018 (KB4462923 and KB4462919), the text "This page can’t be displayed" appears when you open the DIAdem help. However, if you click the selected entry in the help tree, the help displays as usual. Even old DIAdem Help files are affected by this issue.

Microsoft is working to solve this problem and will provide a solution. We hope this problem will be solved in the Windows update in January 2019.



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There is an update for Windows 10 from January 15, 2019 that fixes this bug.

Improvements and fixes

  • Addresses an issue that may prevent some applications from displaying the Help (F1) window correctly. 

Windows 10, version 1703: KB4480959

Windows 10, version 1709: KB4480967

Windows 10, version 1803: KB4480976


I could not found an update for “Windows 10, version 1809”

For Windows 7 there is an “Preview of Monthly Rollup” KB4480955 from January 17, 2019


If your computer is not updated by the IT department go to the Microsoft update catalog and search for the KB.




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