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DIAdem chart automation


   I have 2 different groups named master and sample. I need to compare each channel from master group with sample group. Also master group channels have single cycle data, so I need  an automated script which reduces the data present in each channel of sample group to one cycle and create plots of master group channels vs sample group channels in the report.


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A script to plot the channels in the Report panel is easy.  Take a look at these examples:  http://www.savvydiademsolutions.com/report.php  I have more examples, if you can be more specific about the plot details, and provide sample data for me to work with.  


Finding one cycle in the data programmatically can be tricky.  I built an app to make the analysis easier.  The new channels generated by this app would provide the data to easily extract one cycle from the desired channel.  




If you are willing to post a small sample of the data, I would be willing to take a look at it and see what I have that could help.



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