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DIAdem Script : Error occur variable is undefined 'GraphObjNew'


I am new to Diadem and to Script so I am having some trouble creating some very basic code. I am trying to plot curves from data in a DAT file to a graph on a report layout but am getting an error code. I can't figure it out and would be glad if someone could help me out.


Below I have an image of error message and my code. So I use Diadem Evaluation 2018 Version





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Only problem I had with the code was changing

D2CChnXName = XChannel
D2CChnYName = YChannel


D2CChnXName = XChannel.Name
D2CChnYName = YChannel.Name


Otherwise worked

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I was changing the code 


D2CChnXName = XChannel.Name
D2CChnYName = YChannel.Name


but, still alert error below

 Variable is undefined : 'GraphObjNew'

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Hello LHeeYa,

From DIAdem 2018 on the old REPORT API is not support any more. This was announced more than 5 years ago an is part of the DIAdem 2017 readme.

We started with the new REPORT API in DIAdem 2012. It is object oriented and much faster than the old one.

The REPORT part in your script can be changed to the new API as follows:

dim oSheet, o2DAxis, oCurve
call Report.LoadLayout("Template")
set oSheet  = Report.Sheets(1)
set o2DAxis = oSheet.Objects.Add(eReportObject2DAxisSystem, "2DAxis1")
set oCurve  = o2DAxis.Curves2D.Add(e2DShapeLine, "New_Curve")
oCurve.Shape.XChannel.Reference = XChannel.GetReference(ExtendChnName)
oCurve.Shape.YChannel.Reference = YChannel.GetReference(ExtendChnName)



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