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DIAdem Cannot Save the Layout Correctly


I get this message when I try saving a TDR or TDRZ file:




I've found complaints about this on the message board going back a ways:

Error in DIAdem 9

Error in DIAdem 11

I am using 17.0.1f6881 Service Pack 1 (32-bit).


The layout is 350 pages with a single plot on each page.  Each plot has 25 lines.  All of this is auto-generated with scripts.  I made a few hand edits, which is why I want to save it separately.  I am obviously going to lose my work because the only way to fix it is to restart DIAdem without saving, which is a bummer.


I suspect the root cause has to do with DIAdem running out of memory to do the save.  It is currently using 3.4GB of RAM.  I should have used the 64-bit version but I didn't so here I am.  Memory management in DIAdem needs some attention.  Please don't tell me to use the 64-bit version because you'll be missing my point.  I want NI to make this a priority for future releases.


This, along with other issues I have with DIAdem, is pushing me to convert my TDMS files to HDF5 so I can use open source tools for reporting.  I'm pretty sure I'll never see Python's matplotlib taking up 3.4GB (when properly used.)

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Re: DIAdem Cannot Save the Layout Correctly




I was getting the same error (using DIAdem 10.1) Restarting DIAdem solved the issue. But I don't know how to avoid this error next time. Restarting isn't the way out.



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