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DIADEM wont read file correctly



I've been trying to get DIADEM to read TDMS files that are saved from our test software, however on 1 particular computer it doesn't read the file correctly.  I know the TDMS file itself isn't corrupted because I can go to other computers with DIADEM and it reads and displays the data correctly. Its specifically just this one computer.  It also happens on multiple versions of DIADEM, I've installed DIADEM 2015 and 2017 and it happens on both.  A screenshot of how it reads the TDMS file is attached.  Also I don't suspect our LabVIEW software that creates the file as the TDMS file it creates can be read on other computers with DIADEM... I feel like there's some setting\plugin\etc that I don't have configured for this installation of DIADEM.  Does anyone have any suggestions to try? 


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The only thing that I can think of is a plugin plugin registered for "*.tdms" or a load event that does some preprozessing.



DIAdem->Settings->Extensions->Data Plugins

would show if there is an additional one.



Option Explicit

call DataFileLoad("C:\temp\temp.tdms", "TDMS")

will use the TDMS plugin. Does this change something in load behavior.




DIAdem->Settings->Extensions->User Commands

Normally there is onyl "UserCmdExample.vbs" which is empty.

But there might be additional stuff and what you should check:


Call AddUserCommandToEvent("Navigator.Events.OnFileLoading","MyOnFileLoading")

The OnFileLoading event can be used to change loading behavior. If there is something registerd you should make sure that it is not processing stuff it wasn't meant to do.

If none of these happens on the machine. Could you provide

  • Operating System
  • Version of the tdms.dll ("C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\TDMS\tdms.dll")
  • DIAdem about box information (Press Ctrl+Shift+c in the about box to copy info to clipboard)


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Ok, so I've gone in and checked the plugins under the Settings>Extensions>Data Plugins, and for tdms there was an entry and said it was installed... although it said tdms_se... I'm not sure if that's different or not (the screenshot is attached).  I also checked the UserCommands and that is indeed empty, so I don't think its running any post processing script.  We are using Windows 7 64bit and the details for the tdms.dll and Diadem are attached.  Thank you for your help!

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HI Brent,


The TDMS_SE DataPlugin is specifically designed to read TDMS files created by the NI software SignalExpress.  It should not be used on "regular" TDMS data files.  Please make sure you have removed that DataPlugin to make sure it's not complicating the debugging of your current issue.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Option Explicit

call DataFileLoad("C:\temp\temp.tdms", "TDMS")

read the file correctly?

If yes the TDMS_SE identifies the file to be of its type.

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I copied a temp.tdms file to the location (C:\temp\temp.tdms) and ran the script and that loaded the file correctly and was able to view the data.  So I think from your comment, we can establish that the data is actually TDMS_SE data.  Now the next step is how to get DIADEM to just open it correctly when I drag and drop the dataset into the Data Portal.  I just now tried dragging a new data set into the Data Portal, a window popped up asking me which DataPlugin to use (so I selected TDMS_SE) but an error message followed saying "The "TDMS_SE" loader cannot process the file" and gives the path to the .tdms file.  I was going to try to uninstall the DataPlugins and reinstall them but I don't know where to uninstall the plugins themselves as they don't show individually in the National Instruments uninstall window from Control Panel. 

Thanks for the help,


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Hi Brent,


The code you say you just ran, from Andreas, invokes the "TDMS" DataPlugin in the DataFileLoad() command.  So if you got the data file you copied to the "temp" location to load with that VBScript, then that means that data file is a regular TDMS data file and NOT a TDMS_SE data file.


Please retry loading that data file into DIAdem interactively but specify the TDMS DataPlugin, and see if that works.  If it does, then all we have to do is remove the TDMS_SE DataPlugin from your version of DIAdem.  It didn't install with DIAdem, so we're just reversing the action that someone undertook after installing DIAdem of putting the TDMS_SE DataPlugin onto that computer.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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