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DIADEM - datafinder on xlsx file


I'm trying to query some data from "My DataFinder" starting from xlsx files. As you can see in the pictures when I search the "channel name" I received some files, If I add the "channel value" I received nothing.

Where I fault?

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Be aweare of the fact that DIAdem calculates Min/Max on the fly when importing your data.
This thread discusses the behavior.

So if you want to query on min/max you need to calculate them in the DataPlugin. Else you can't do it.


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Thank you for your answer. I read the post. So, do you think the best choice is to save the file in TDM? I mean I open the file in xlsx and save it on tdms?

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Not sure what the best option is. There are those two:

  • Create a custom dataplugin for your xlsx files where you fill min, max, ... using AddCharacteristics. Inside the plugin you need to loop and figure out min max on your own.
  • Load the file into DIAdem. Make sure the option to calcultae min/max is switched on or call ChnCharacteristicsUpdate to updte them and save as TDM/TDMS and index those files will make min/max queriable.

Be aware that saving TDM files using the Excel addin will also have no min/max information.


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With the solutions you propose, I have to import the file before I can analyze the data. Correct?

A third hypothesis could be that I have a (labview) software that reads continuosly the "source folder" and  if there is a xls files, it opens and converts it into a tdms file and saves it in the "destination folder". In this case I connect "My Data Finder" to the destination folder so I have the data ready to be analyzed.

What about it? 

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The first approach is to modfy the DataPlugin like Brad describes. This is potentially the better one.

You need to modify the DataPlugin (vbs code) by


  • looping over the values of each channel
  • assign them to each channel by calling

There is no automatism. You need to implement it in the Dataplugin. Because the DataPlugin calculates those values you can use them later on in DataFinder because they exist already on Index time.


This is what DIAdem does on load automatically (if not disabled). Even LabVIEW won't fill the values automatically.


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