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Cropping data in Diadem 2014



I would like to crop the data from all channels in a region chosen by an x-band cursor. Then save it to a different data file.


Is this possible?




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Hi Adel,


If you're staring at a VIEW graph of all the channels and you want to interactively pick the X1...X2 region with the band cursors, then you just need to hit the "Set Flags" while holding down the <Shift> key on your keyboard-- that will flag that X1...X2 region for all the channels in the graph.  Then you can click the "Flags: Copy Data Points" icon to create new channels with just the values from that X1...X2 region.  I would actually create a new Group first beforehand, so that the new "cropped" channels land in the new Group.  Then you can save just that new Group to a new file.


Alternatively, if you know the index region P1...P2 already, you can load just the values from that index region into DIAdem instead of loading all the values of the channels into DIAdem, then just save those channels to a new file.


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer


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Hi Brad,


It worked, thank you for the tip.




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