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Creating a biomechanical reliable coorelation analysis



I want to create a DIADEM script that allows me to do an objective evaluation of time-history signals, e.g. derived from test and simulation(or 2 tests or 2 simulations). Combining two independent sub-methods, a corridor rating and a cross-correlation rating. The corridor rating evaluates the fitting of a response curve into user-defined or automatically calculated corridors. The cross-correlation method evaluates phase shift, shape and area below curves. The use of both of these two sub-methods is essential because the disadvantages of each sub-method are compensated by the other method.


Similar to what CORA does, but CORA is 100% not user friendly and terrible on Windows 10 x64 (http://www.pdb-org.com/en/information/18-cora-download.html)



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Hi LP,


What DIAdem version are you using?  Recent versions have built in "Calculate Corridor" and "Check Corridor" functions in the "Curve Fitting" palette of the ANALYSIS panel.  There are also "Autocorrelation" and "Cross Correlation" functions in the "Signal Analysis" palette of the DIAdem ANALYSIS panel.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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I have DIADEM 3015 SP2

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Can I do it on that one???

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You can definitely use all those functions if you write and run your own VBScript.  The corresponding ANALYSIS configuration dialog will only be enabled if you have the function licensed.  The configuration dialog in ANALYSIS for the corridor check function was previously only available if you had purchased the CRASH Toolkit for DIAdem.  The cross-correlation and autocorrelation configuration dialogs may require a DIAdem Professional to be enabled.


Are you willing to call these functions programmatically?  If so, then you should have access to them already (with the possible exception of the function to create a corridor).


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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