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Create graphs with properties values



I want to create a Bar Graph or a normal graph with properties contained in ChannelGroup level. Is there any easy solution to this?, so far is seems that the only option is to create a channel with this values, but I don't want to duplicate the information since I have a considerable number of channels in each Channel Group.


Thanks in advance for the support!



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what type of proerties do you want? And which type of object you want to use?

For example, if you want to display name of group, you can use something like this in the text object:




Hope this helps, if not, write detailed information.



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I know that you can get even the values or whathever property live values, name, etc. with the expresion form "@@ @@". However I want to plot, for example a bar graph that contains a numeric property of the group. Let's say that I have 3 Datasets all with a property "TotalFuel" and different values in each group, So what I will like to do is to plot this values in a 2DAxis object.  But it seems that all the plots or graphs are meant to be only channel oriented.


Do you understand my issue? Please let me know if not to clarified better this.



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Can you upload an example of you problem?

I'm not sure what property do you want to plot.



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Ok here is the example. Hope everything is more clear.!


For example the property TotalFuel. Each group (Grp1,Grp2 and Grp3) contains this property. I will like to create a plot (Bar Graph or Other) containing this values, Instead or create a channel with the values.



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Oh, I understand. But I'm afraid that this will not be possible.

Do you have a problem to use script for creating a channel with property values?



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No it is ok, it is just that i want to avoid this. The thing is, it does not seem so useful to have 20 more channels with one scalar value I already have more than 100 channels per DataSet. However there is no many things that you can do with the properties either.


It is something that DIAdem should allow !!!


Thanks, I was thinking that maybe there was a way to change the channel oriented option.

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Why 20 channels?

You can simply put values from all properties into one channel and plot them.



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That does not work well with the requirements that i have.


But thanks for your help!

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Hi Naoa,


If you just want to plot a constant X value (vertical line) or constant Y value (horizontal line), then you can reference a Group property directly in the 2D graph of the TDR file.


Or do you want to plot something more complicated?

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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