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Crash toolkit license

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i got a computer with no license for Crash toolkit analysis panel, so most of buttons are disabled. but when i use the crash functions in script, it doesnt trigger error telling me that i dont have the toolkit. I tried the function for HIC head injury criterion, and pulse function.


So if i dont have the license, i can use the toolkits functions via VBS and if u buy the licence, the bonus for me that i can use it manually with the dialog windows? or there is more differences or i get it all wrong? thanks for info

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Accepted by topic author Lukas_Doubek

Hello Lukas,


You got this correct. The Crash Toolkit license gives you access to the functions via the user interface, all the crash analysis script functions are available with all versions of DIAdem (Base, Advanced and Professional) if used from within a Script, with or without the Crash Toolkit.



Otmar D. Foehner
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