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Connection to ODS6 server via VBS and AOP6

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Hi all,


Years ago, to connect to an ODS5 database directly at Diadem startup, we registered a VBS script, https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000kKOUSA2&l=de-DE 

The script is based on ODS5 connection based on AOP5 using CORBA IOR, now I want to port this VBS code to ODS 6 







sub load_data_from_ODS(inst_sess, inst_type, inst_id, inst_marker)
  ' MsgBox inst_type & "@" & inst_id & "@" & inst_sess & "@" & inst_marker
  ' set "store" for ODS server (Connection test)
  dim storeParam : storeParam = "<corba typ=""sessionior"">" & inst_sess & "</corba>"
  dim store : set store = navigator.ConnectDataStoreByParameter("AOP5", storeParam)







Could anybody help me to find the right storeParam based on ODS6 HTTP URL and Authorization-Header? I am looking for something similar to 







dim storeParam : storeParam = "<url>https://my.ods.host:8080</url><authorization>Basic a2Fyc3Q6c2VjcmV0</authorization>"







Thanks and best regards, 


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Accepted by topic author Cosfire

Hi Cosfire, 


Just to confirm. Communication with data storages (servers) via the AOP6 protocol has been possible in DIAdem since 2021 (based on the data plugin available on our website).


For the VBS commands you could use potentially the following frames:


'------------ Connect by Name ------------

Dim myDataStoreName: myDataStoreName = "Data store1"

Call Navigator.Display.OpenDataStore(myDataStoreName)


'---------- Connect by Parameter ---------

Dim myDataStorePlugin: myDataStorePlugin = "AOP6"

Dim myDataStoreParam: myDataStoreParam = "<httpurl>https://&lt;MachineName&gt;/SubPathToAsam</httpurl><contextparams>$URL=corbaname::#&lt;DataFinderNam... s=""0"" c=""1"" e=""1"">0D3C04D1A9AB28EE5E9EC586AE186C42BB7B233A</pwd><validatecertificates>no</validatecertificates>"

Call Navigator.Display.OpenDataStoreByParameter(myDataStorePlugin, myDataStoreParam)


I hope this information helps you further. 




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Hi OscarCardenasNI,


Thank you a lot for your response, it helps me a lot. 


Is there any online/offline documentation where I could find more information about available AOP6 Data-Store parameters and their meanings?


Thank you again and best regards !

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There is an html file located in the AOP6 plugin folder.

It is opened if you go to the plugin dialog, select advanced and press help.

If the Dialog of the AOP6 plugin dialog is opened from the DIAdem datastore menu you can press


to copy the connection string to clipboard.

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