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Conditional Formatting in MS Excel using Scipt


I have written a script which writes Channel Values to an Excel File.

After writng values to Excel, the below script executes which saves the file to a different path.

If I press 'YES' the file is saved or asks to overwrite. But If I click 'NO' an Option appears on Excel to save the file.I want to remove this Dialog in Excel .


Dim RawGroup,RawChannels,myExcelApp,j,myWorksheet,myRange,Excel
  Call GroupDefaultSet(28)
  Set myExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
  myExcelApp.Visible = TRUE
  Set myWorksheet=myExcelApp.Workbooks.Open("FilePath
  Set myWorksheet = myExcelApp.Activesheet


  If MsgBox("Save Excel?", vbYesNo Or vbQuestion, "Bestätigen") = vbYes Then
     myWorksheet.Parent.Saved = True
    ' Call myExcelApp.ActiveSheet.Parent.SaveAs("FilePath")
    Call myWorksheet.SaveAs("SaveFilePath")
'      myExcelApp.close
    Else myWorksheet.Parent.Saved = False
'    myWorksheet.quit
'    myExcelApp.close    
  End If


Next, I want to use conditional Formatting in Excel using DIAdem script function. Can it be done?



Have A Great Day

Himanshu Sharma



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Hey Himanshu,


           Consider adding this to your script:



 ExcelApp.Close false


           It should remove any kind of prompts and save options. It works for me quite well.


          Also I think that you could do conditional formatting as well - depending on what you want to achieve. Check this link and see if it works out for you - it might give you some hints:




Sincerely yours,


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Thanks Denis

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