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Channel table properties

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is it possible to save selected channel properties in a channel table (view)?



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Hi AndiMEC,


Yes, it is possible to display Root, Group, or Channel properties in a REPORT table.  You accomplish this with @@ expressions, and you can get an idea what the expression should be by dragging the property you're interested in from the Data Portal to the empty white space of REPORT.  That will create a text box, and if you double-click on the text box, you can investigate the @@ expression and adapt it for table use.


Your options for where you enter the @@ expression into the REPORT table depend on your DIAdem version.  All versions support up to 3 header lines on top of each column, so if you want a table with only 3 columns, you're set.  DIAdem 2011 was the first version to support "Text List" columns, which are your most flexible option.  In some cases it can work to use the "Expression" column type.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,

i think you got me wrong. Waht i meant is a channeltabel in VIEW. In the dialog box "Select Properties-Channel" i can specify which channel properties DIAdem displays. And what i meant is, if it is possible to save this settings, so that every time i create a channeltable in view, this properties are shown in the header rows.


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Accepted by AndiMEC



if you customize your table and save the layout, you have the same settings at the next start/load of this layout file.


Kind Regards,


Philipp K.


AE | NI Germany

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Well this sounds like a good method. I thought that it could be possible to save settings as default for each channeltable, but i can live with this work around, too



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