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Cannot save TDM

I saw a few forum posts about this, but it never seemed to get resolved. Hoping someone can help me. Running DIAdem 2017. I load a .DAT file into data portal, want to save it off as a TDM, then process it and save it off again, I get this same error no matter what I do or don't do to it. Also tried saving it as a .TDMS. No luck.


Any help?

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"DAT" is a "DIAdem DAT"?

Can you provide an example file?

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Hi Tamer,


The posts I'm familiar with describing TDM saving difficulties involve very large data sets with string channels.  If instead you save everything but the string channels, the save worked.  This is because string channels get saved into the XML header file (TDM) instead of the binary data file (TDX).  Usually XML files are saved one-shot, not by append-streaming, so that requires all the string channel data to be in memory in the XML layer prior to saving.


But DIAdem DAT files could not store string channels, because DIAdem back then did not have string channels.  So if you're really talking about a DIAdem DAT file, then I think the issue you're seeing is brand new to us.


Can you post or email a sample file?

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Yes DIAdem .DAT.




Unfortunately the dataset is sensitive Army Data and I cannot post it. Other datasets are working, but for some reason these 3 are not. When I load them into DIAdem all the channels populate and there appears to be no issue, I just cant seem save as a TDM.


It's about 140 channels at 400k/sec ~800mb. No string channels.

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Hi Tamer,


The error message you posted says DIAdem could not save the file with format "", almost as if it wasn't even trying to save it with the "TDM" DataPlugin.  Were you saving it interactively or programmatically?  If the latter, please post the line of code that returns that error.


What happens if you try to save the file back to a DIAdem DAT file after your processing?  Does that work?  Do you get exactly the same error when you try to save it as TDMS?


Does the processing you perform, which happens after the successful TDM save and before the unsuccessful TDM save, generate a significant amount of new channels?


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Currious (only three files do not work *thinking*).

Maybe you can give me some answers to the following questions.


  • Does a logfile (filename + ".log") pop up either beneath the source file or the target file.
  • Is the target file created at all?
  • If you have loaded the file. What is shown if you run the following code line. Is it DAT or something else
    MsgBox Data.Root.ChannelGroups(1).Channels(1).Properties("sourcetype").Value
  • Is it possible to store a single channel?
    Drag and drop a single channel into a folder and save as TDM.
    (If yes could you narrow down the channels that do not work)
  • Can you have a look at the memory behavior of DIAdem while saving?
  • Which DIAdem version are you using?




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The save doesn't work manually or programatically. But I initially noticed when I was doing it manually.

If I save as DAT I lose all the channels that I've created, but it does save.

I cannot save before or after my processing, creating maybe 10-15 more channels. I've been using this code for a long time, and it's only a few datasets that are failing.




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-The logfile is never created while it tries to save.

-Target file is created, and the size of it looks correct, however it doesn't open if I try to open it.

-msgbox reaturns: "DAT"

-I will look into the single channel saving, however it could be tedious with 140 channels.

-DIAdem 2017.


I'll update when I've tried single channels.



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  • If you say "size of it looks correct" you refere to the tdx file?
  • Is the tdm header still size 0 or does it have content?
  • Is a logfile (?.tdm.log) created when you try to open the resulting file?

single channel saving:

I assume you have not to try saving each channel.

Most of the times data consist of a few kind of channels.


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