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Cannot execute the "ScriptCMDReset" command



I'm calling ScriptCmdReset() at the beginning of my script and this seems to have worked successfully for some time. Then, today, for a reason I cannot determine, I get the following error message:


"You cannot execute the "ScriptCMDReset" command at the moment.
Other user commands are activated."


Needless to say, I can't think of a way to diagnose this further and determine what is causing the message. Can anyone help?




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Hey Simon. 


I don't know why it suddenly stopped working, (maybe a software update) however after reading the Help File for the command i can see that i'ts only supposed to be called at the end of a script. 


it's probably not the answer you wanted but hopefully it can help to guide you. 



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That's interesting. In the help file page for the DIAdem version I'm working with, and on versions prior to the 2015 page you quote, the command can be used at the beginning and the end. See here for example.


If I am to avoid using it at the beginning, how do I empty/delete/remove/bin/whatever all the user variables?





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i find weird that they changed the description from 2014 to 2015.


In regards to how to delete all variables, I'm uncertain as I usually don't use the scripting functionality.

Sorry i could be of more assistance. 


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