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Calculator not appearing due to multiple monitor use

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This is not so much a question but a wish to provide feedback on a DIAdem performance issue. I expect there's a more formal route but I couldn't find it.


Recently I've been having problems with the Calculator not appearing after pressing the button. It happens when I have DIAdem open and visible on a monitor but then take my laptop away from my desk, disconnecting from the two monitors. When I continue working in DIAdem on the laptop screen, the Calculator button appears unresponsive even when the laptop knows that there are no other screens to project to. If I reconnect my laptop to my monitors then I can see the Calculator on one of the monitor screens. Both DIAdem and the Calculator work fine from this point on.



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Hi Simon_Aldworth,


when the calculator is open, but not visible on the screen, you can center the calculator window with this piece of code:

sub ShowCalculator()
  if SudNonModalDlgCount = 1 then
    if ucase(SudNonModalDlgLst(1).FileName) = ucase("ANACALCULATOR.SUC") then
      call SudNonModalDlgLst(1).CenterWindowOverDIAdem()
    end if
    call StartCalculator()
  end if
end sub

call ShowCalculator()


So that you can call the calculator directly from the user interface, you could place the script on a button on the script toolbar. To do this, right-click on the second (or third, or ...) button on the toolbar and select the first menu item. If you then enter the path and file name of the script file in the dialog, you can start the calculator via click on this button. The calculator will be centered over the main DIAdem window. The key combination Shift+F2 also works (for the second button, for the third it would be Shift+F3).



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Thanks for your reply and suggestion. Rather than have a script dedicated to solving this problem I would probably just restart DIAdem. Hopefully someone at NI will see this and take it for the bug report it was intended as.



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Accepted by topic author Simon_Aldworth

Hi Simon,


I am a member of the DIAdem development team and will make an entry in our bug database for this. I cannot promise that this bug will be fixed for DIAdem 2024 Q2. But I hope so :-).


Greetings from Germany

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