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CSV Import Trouble

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CSV Import Trouble

Hello All,

Im new here, so there meight be an easy answer, but if you do not know it is difficult anyway.

I Have an exported CSV Dataset with ; as Seperator. The Dataformat ist the following way:


Time Stamp; Description;Value; Description1;Value1 ;Description2;Value2 and so on.

Time Formate; Header for next Colum in Text e.g. Pressure 1; Value for e.g. Pressure 1 and so on.

Is there a way to read the description an put is as Channel Name for the regarding Value Channel ??

Thanks for any Help


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Re: CSV Import Trouble

Hi, why don't you use DIAdem text data plugin wizard?

Using the Text and Excel DataPlugin Wizards

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Re: CSV Import Trouble

Thanks Emboar,

but with the Import Wizard I can solve only half of my Problem. This Time I attached a sample File for a better understanding. The Data are comming from an Exportfunction of Trendmonitor from ICONICS in the Way that the Header says Time Stamp // (Description and Value) as many time as Data you selected) and with the second row you start with the Time /// Text(Name of the Datapoint ) and a numeric value (Value of Datapoint) and so on.

Now the Question, Is it possible to Import the data in a Way that the Textdescription of the Data will be imported as Channelname and the rest will be deleted, to have a nice and clear set of data.

Thanks for any help.


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11-29-2018 08:40 AM

Re: CSV Import Trouble

Hi All

Brad Turpin send me an Plugin which works very well !


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