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Bug in DIAdem 2018 VIEW


I have problem with a script. When I programmatically create some sheets in VIEW and when the script is done and I try to open the VIEW tab then I get this error:

2019-08-13 15_15_16-

Strange thing is that the error happens only once after opening DIAdem. When it was already opened then the script works just fine.


Is it possible to be a bug in DIAdem?

Thanks for any ideas.

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Please post a simple example of the VBScript code that leads to the error.


Your comment "Strange thing is that the error happens only once after opening DIAdem" suggests to me that you may have saved DIAdem desktop settings with a (somehow) invalid or no longer existing View file and DIAdem is attempting to load the file when you load DIAdem.  It would be helpful to understand the exact sequence events leading to the error.  


The link shows several examples of creating new sheets and dividing them up into areas.  http://www.savvydiademsolutions.com/view.php?topic=vbscript-split-view-sheet-into-areas

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Like the other member mention, can you post an example, it would be good to try to reproduce it to see if this is bug.
Or give us step by step how you received that error.


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Hi pejstik,


How old is your DIAdem version?  A long LONG time ago you used to have to Call Wndshow("VIEW", "OPEN") if that panel had not yet been opened during the current DIAdem session.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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