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Bug in DIAdem 2017 Matrix Interpolation


I’ve run into an issue with Matrix interpolation in DIAdem 2017 SP2 that I can’t seem to work through and breaks functionality that works in DIAdem 2015 and DIAdem 2018.


  • DIAdem 2015 [15.0.2f6347 Service Pack 2 (32-bit)]
  • DIAdem 2015 [15.0.2f6347 Service Pack 2 (64-bit)]
  • DIAdem 2018 [18.0.0f7097 (64-bit)]


  • DIAdem 2017 [17.0.1f6881 Service Pack 1 (32-bit)]
  • DIAdem 2017 [17.0.1f6881 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)]

The error message for both MatInterp and MatInterpPoint is the same:

"An error occurred while initializing the interpolant.  The channels may not be the same length or contain NoValues."


I’ve attached an example data set with the DIAdem 2015 results, and the script I’m using that generated it which breaks in DIAdem 2017.



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This isn't a suggestion for a new idea for Diadem, but a bug report.  I'll ask the moderator to move it to the regular Diadem forum.

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Hello Josh,


Thank you for your feedback. I can reproduce the problem with the dataset in your attachment and informed R&D. As you already mentioned does DIAdem 2015 SP2 and DIAdem 2018 are working fine so we currently only recommend using one of these versions.




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