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Hello, I found a few bugs in diadem 2012 sp1 (12.0.1f5436)


  1. First, code folding on functions doesn't work if you use capital F on the function declaration.
  2. Second involves script include and debugging.  Use script include and then step into a function with the debugger.  This function is defined in another VBS file that is also open in the script viewer, the script view will try to display where you are in that file.  Except in the second file, it only displays the last line instead of where the program really is.  To test this, put the attached files in the same directory, open both, set a breakpoint on line 10 in the main script, then run the debugger.  Use F8 or step into the function called "DiademCrash", then you should see what I mean. 
  3. This is related to 2.  In my function library, which is large, if I stop the debugger while currently in the library, I get an access violation error and diadem crashes.  It's repeatable with my function library, but not with the one here.  Hopefully this is enough information for you, since providing my library, a script that calls the library and some data may be difficult.  NI personal can Email me if you would like more information on this. 



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I was able to get a similar error in 2012 as well in 2014.


When using the msgbox command it always was crashing DIAdem, when it got to the msgbox command. It just would not come back from that call.


Changed the command to the msgboxdisp.  Worked just fine. 

MsgBoxdisp"hello world"


MsgBoxdisp a


The msgbox command is a native vbs command, while the msgboxdisp is a DIAdem command. They both do the same thing.

Not sure why the msgbox command has so much trouble when in debug mode, the regular NI guys can speak to this.


Given that the debugger is a Microsoft tool and the msgbox command is vbs command, this looks to be pointing to Microsoft.




ps. I have used msgbox command quite a bit when debugging code.  Pretty sure would have seen this before, but did not. Mostly using Windows 7 64 prior to a recent notebook upgrade.


Using Windows 8.1 Pro 64,

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