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Announcing: The NI DIAdem Idea Exchange

NI DIAdem Community,


We are happy to have the opportunity to announce a brand new development for NI DIAdem community relations and feedback to R&D.  The DIAdem team is excited to encourage user feedback from our ever involved and active community members by implementing the NI DIAdem Idea Exchange on our external forums.  You can also reach the Idea Exchange via ni.com/ideas.  I want to give special thanks to our wonderful forum administrator, Laura F., for her hard work on this effort.


The NI DIAdem Idea Exchange will be an ideal place for our extensive worldwide community of users to continue to provide their feedback about how to improve the product and what features they would like to see incorporated into future releases.  Please use it as a direct sounding board to National Instruments.  Though posted ideas are not guaranteed to be implemented in future releases, the DIAdem team has made the commitment to monitor and review every single idea submitted via the exchange, so you will be heard.  We hope to encourage a tight, continuous feedback loop between the DIAdem team and our user base and add value to the DIAdem ecosystem.


Make sure you visit the exchange frequently to post new ideas or kudos ideas that you like so that we know which ideas have the most popularity!

Derrick S.
Product Manager
National Instruments
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