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Adding "submenu" item to DataPortal context menu?

I’d like to add some items to the DataPortal context menu (via "Portal.Events.OnShowingContextMenu"), and want to know if I can add a “submenu” item (like the “New” popout item in the DataPortal context menu shown in the attached image).  I was hoping if I assigned a MenuPoint ID with a decimal value it would just nest nicely (like “new” would be menu point 3, and “Group” would be 3.1, etc. but no…)



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Hi Julia,


As far as I know, the Data Portal context menus behave just like any other custom menus in DIAdem.  Here's the class I use to create sub-sub-sub... context menus in the DirectoryMenus implementation.  I had to update it several years ago to work with the BarManager object when the MenuItem...() commands were deprecated.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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