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I have downloaded DIAdem 2020 SP1 however I am having trouble activating it. My university has given me a serial number to activate it however when I enter it, the message "Invalid serial number" appears. I have checked with my university and on the National Instruments website that the serial number has not expired. Also a few of my colleagues have downloaded and activated with the same serial number prior to me and had no issues. Can the problem be from DIAdem itself or does anyone have any idea as to what the problem may be? Any help would be much appreciated.  

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Hi m-abudakka,


Are you sure that your university license activates DIAdem 2020SP1?

I would expect your license to activate DIAdem 2020 and previous, but not SP1.




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Hi m-abudakka,


I don't know much about university licenses, but in my experience a license that activates DIAdem XXXX will also activate DIAdem XXXX SP1.  In a corporate setting, it would be a red flag that multiple users are typing in the same serial number.


Is DIAdem 2020 SP1 working for you in evaluation mode?  Did a previous version of DIAdem activate on this computer, or is this the first DIAdem installation on this particular computer?


Brad Turpin

Principal Technical Support Engineer


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Thanks for all your replies, after contacting the help service it turns out there was an issue with the activation servers. The help email stated "The issue is related to the logic in our activation servers that is currently being updated to work on machines with internet access IPv6. We recommend as a temporary workaround to disable your current IPv6 to proceed with the activation, and then, enabling the IPv6 back in your PC" followed with a link on how to disable IPv6 (https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000YNFbCAO&l=de-DE). After following the steps in the link I re-entered the serial number and the activation was successful. Again I appreciate everyone's suppoort! 




Mohamed Abu Dakka

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