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Accessing X and Y Channel Names of a Coordinate Object of a 3D Report Object

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I'm trying to show the X, Y and Z units of the Min and Max values of a Triplet Characteristic Diagram.  To do this, I am using the channel name to access the current channel of the Coordinate, so CurrXChnName. However, I can only get the CurrZChnName to show up, not the X and Y channel names.  In fact, the current X and Y channel ID variable is showing up as 0. 


I've attached a report layout that uses the default Diadem data set.  In there, you can see that there is only information for the Z channel.  


Any suggestions how I can show the units for X, Y, and Z channels of a min or max coordinate? 


(Also, someone should add TDR as an acceptable attachment to this forum...)


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Hi RussellSenior,


That's strange that only the Z channel seems to be working using the built in methods. As a workaround, you can still access the other channels by going through the DIAdem API like such:




This of course assumes your axis system is called 3DAxis1 and the Coordinate is the 2nd item. As you can see, we just get a reference to the channel that we're interested in (in this case the X channel), and then go through the Data Portal to access it's units.



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That's an easy enough workaround.  Wish I would have thought of it...



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