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AVL Puma ASAM data base on DIAdem


AVL Puma ASAM data base on DIAdem



I am using DIAdem 2015 and I like to open the test results from AVL PUMA that are storage on and ASAM data base but I do not know how I need to set it on DIAdem.


I have the user, password and server name of the AVL PUMA data base (with version 3/3.2/5 (RCP) and Santorin Registry: Host15P)


First, I have created a New Data Storage (Image attached 1.JPG). Then, I need to fulfil the information in the next window (image attached 2.JPG).


As I said, I have the Server, User and Password. But, which Connection type, Port and URL I should set?


Diadem version: 2015 x64

AOP5 version: 18.0.0f7090


Thank you very much.







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Re: AVL Puma ASAM data base on DIAdem

If an RPC connection should be used a 32bit DIAdem is needed.The plugin is called AOP.


You may check if the server also has a CORBA interface running which will also work with DIAdem x64 and the AOP5 plugin.

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