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2019 - Changing the order of tabs/opened script in Script panel


I asked 3 years ago if you can make possible changing order of opened scripts in Script panel. I just installed Diadem 2019 and i see that u changed the place for this tabs from bottom to top of the script window, but still i cant change the order. Will you ever make this feature? Because it will be really very usefull and stress eliminating.


here is the thread i asked for the feature: https://forums.ni.com/t5/DIAdem/Scripts-panel-moving-with-tabs-sheets-of-opened-scripts/td-p/3294302...


In most IDEs this feature works, but not in Diadem...

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Hi Lukas,


This forum is more focused towards support questions. If you'd like to suggest features, I recommend posting on the Idea Exchange. The Idea Exchange forum is monitored directly by our R&D team, so you can suggest features and get responses from the people with the decision making power on the subject.



Lindsey Nestor
Program Manager, Hardware Services
National Instruments
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Yeah, <Sigh>


I also would love to be able to rearrange the opened tabs in DIAdem SCRIPT.


Sorry, not yet,

Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi guys,


The idea that Lukas had got me thinking, that maybe this was possible.

Was able to make a vbs class that allow me to either load up in script editor all the vbs files in a path. 

Or lets me load up the editor with files that are listed in file. Kind of like a project, The order exactly the same each time.


This can be linked to a Button in Script pane so could have a different button for each project where it will setup the editor.


Anyway take look and see what you think.




ps. I can see other functions that would help script writing efficiency will see where I go from here.





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