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I'd like to have the "color palette" object in a DIAdem SUD dialog?


It's a great way to choose colors!

It would be a nice featre to do much more comfortable programming. Nearly each Editor suppurt the described feature.

Please bring back the "Help to Script File"-Button in DAC-Script Dialog:



We are using different scipts with multiple channels  and it was a great help to refer to the script documentation by a simle mouse click.


This was a great help to document our script functionalities and help to the users how to select a specific channel.




The idea is to have a description of the channels that are being used when doing this type of analysis and the order in which those values are being processed mainly because in this type of function the order of the channels will make a difference in the coefficient.



I use n Systems Y-axis viewing a lot, often with groups of channels defined into common axes with Curve Related Scaling.  The only way to save this is in a TDV file, which locks it into that specific layout.  I cannot share a scaling definition with another View area or sheet in the same layout - I have to manuall enter all the details again every time.  

Would it be posisble to allow Curve-related Scaling settings to be sharable in some way, so they can be more easily re-used both within a single session, and across sessions, independently of the complete TDV layout?

This would be really useful to allow two (possibly more datasets to be loaded), and then filter similar channels, and plot and compare them.

Currently loading multiple datasets results in group merging where the groups in the 2nd dataset gets merged into the first and renamed with numerical suffixes.

When i got a class opened using some object or its own methos, could be great it i could jump into the method by clicking on it, which would open the file and focus on the method