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In some cases, the visual interface becomes very confusing and mixed up. Is it possible to develop a function to form layers like in the dialog editor? 

It would simplify the work in complex dac plans very much.



I have a customer who would like to use 3D Axis systems on VIEW section.


This function is for Report section.

As you can see below.DIAdem_Report.png


He would like to realize this function on VIEW section as well.


I wish this function would be made for VIEW section as well.




Eisuke Ono




because of DIAdem is not able to synchronise captured video files and MDF-data files measured with


Vector Canape with all the skills of and in DIAdem-VIEW,


how about even capturing a video additional to the other measured data with DIAdem-DAC ??



Vector Canape can this do with a simple webcam ( a better model from Logitech suffice ) and it really works fine,


but DIAdem is much better for the rest of all measuring tasks and so our favourite.



And yes : DIAdem  can  data acquisition and we like it  !!!  Smiley Happy


An existing DIAdem and DAC user want to measure Sound & Vibration signals. Basic S&V Functions like dB ABC weighting, sound level,... (existing functions in the S&V Meas.Suite) would be nice to have in DIAdem as well.

Current Workaround:

Use S&V Assistant for this application.

Include everything in DIAdem would increase efficency.








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1. Currently you can't enlarge the window of DAC-module "Linear scaling"

=> for better overview it is necessary to implement this feature


2. Currently there is no possibilty to export the list of signals (excel)

=> for documentation it is necessary to export


Thank you for your support.

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Currently, whenever you open a block diagram in DIAdem DAC, it closes anything that is already open.  This is inconvenient if you want to open two separate .DAC files for comparison, copy&paste, prototyping, etc. and especially when you want to reference an example, it tries to close whatever block diagram you have open and may still be working on.


Having multiple tabs like in VIEW, REPORT, and SCRIPT would definitely improve the user experience.  Alternatively, we could have it minimized somewhere or have it selectable from the Window menu as long as it allows you to keep multiple block diagrams loaded at the same time.


Kentaro Yamashita


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The error "buffer overflow" in DIADEM Visual shoud stop the DAC-execution. The message should be always on top.

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If you want to use Hardware in DIAdem, you have to create virtual global channels in MAX before, so you have to create for each channel of the module a virtual channel. For acquiring data in the DAC Module of DIAdem you have to select the DAQmx Driver and add the defined virtual channels.


Imagine if you have several modules and more than 60 channels for example, to define the channels takes a while.

An improvement would be a module channel group definition in MAX. So if you have a thermocouple module, which are equipped with 16 channels - you define one channel group in MAX, in which each channel has the same configuration.





Rupert Donauer


AE, Munich