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Use Python for scripting instead of VBScript

Status: Completed

With DIAdem 2020 is Python now also available in the SCRIPT module as an alternative scripting language to VBS. In the DIAdem settings, you only need to enable Python as the scripting language if you prefer to use this language. As with VBS, you can alternatively record scripts in Python syntax. The Python editor integrated in the SCRIPT panel offers the usual auto-completion and a tooltip with syntax information and a short command description.

I know this would be a major change. At least VBS is not proprietary like some other software that has a script interface, and at least VBS supports OOP.


But VBS is from the 90's, the documentation is from the 90's and early 2000's at best, with associated lack of support. The full potential of diadem is really limited by this. If I could use Python, a much better supported, easier to use language, I would be extremely grateful. All my data processing tools are written in Python. I'm just trying to automate test reports, get channel names to identify the data the user put in the Data Portal etc. I am willing to put in time to interface with APIs or DLLs if someone can point me in the right direction in the interim. 


To be brutally honest, it is almost laughable that with diadem 2017, it has a flashy UX/UI, yet uses this archaic language for automation, where most time is saved. A system is ony as good as its weakest link.

Knight of NI



If you like the idea, then you should click the Kudo start since that is what tallies a vote.  A simple message saying "yea!" doesn't count.

@RavensFan wrote:



If you like the idea, then you should click the Kudo start since that is what tallies a vote.  A simple message saying "yea!" doesn't count.

I believe the "Yea!" was celebrating the status changing to "Completed" rather than an attempt to vote on the idea.  Apparently this Idea Exchange doesn't close ideas to kudos when they are completed or declined.


This is absolutely awesome to see NI read, and react to customer input and actually implement a promising feature, history of the software package aside. Hope it is done in a Pythonic manner, or as good as it can be up to the closed-source interface. Can't wait to try it!

Knight of NI



Sorry.  You are right.  I didn't notice the completed status.