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Split-screen in DIAdem SCRIPT

When working in DIAdem SCRIPT, it is often necessary to work on more than one file at once. The way this is implemented at the moment is with tabs:


script before.png


However, it can be quite tedious to switch back and forth between 2 scripts for things like copy/pasting, comparing code or simply editing code on 2 files concurrently.

My suggestion would be for a SCRIPT editor with split screen functionality, roughly like this:


script after.png


With many users working with widescreens today, this would better make use of screen real-estate.

Obviously coding without it is a pain. Louval

Hi jtagg82,


My personal opinion is, that your idea is excellent. However, there is already some text editors which are able to do what you requested. You may just use one of those with split screen functionality to try-out how you would profit from this function.


We use for another application the program UltraEdit, which allows also to connect with a help file. UE with all of its features costs some tens of bucks but Notepad++ might do as well what you want.


A collegue of mine uses NP++ for DIAdem programming and can collapse sections, by means of NP++'s language detection.


I vote this feature, as well with possibility of moving tabs of opened scripts.

Knight of NI

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