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Little things that can make DIAdem more and more user friendly


Here are the product suggestions I have for DIAdem, after going through the pain of creating a single report page:
1. Option to set the background color of a header in a table (not the entire table)
2. Option to prevent the column lines from going through the header section of the table
3. Group objects together in Diadem, (like PowerPoint ?)
4. Make DIAdem font size correspond to MS Office 's font size
5. Option to make individual Column/Row lines bold and set background color for each individual column/row
Jay Gundavelli
Honda R&D



I like the font idea.


Thanks for your information. Using your first suggestion really works well, and the suggestion about the fonts is much easier now. Thanks a lot..

Status changed to: Completed

Hello Jay, I decided to mark your multiple suggestion as complete, because hopefully the important ones are solved with DIAdem 2015. Please create a new suggestion for the points you further missing.

Details for new features in DIAdem 2015, related to your numbering above:

(1) REPORT/2D Table: Individual background color for table header

(3) REPORT: Grouping objects

(5) REPORT/2D Table: Alternating background color for rows and columns, indiviual background color for columns, individual background color for rows and cells via script and events