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Display Y-Channel when Hovering over Curve

When a large number of curves are displayed on a Report graph, it can be difficult to distinguish between the curves (even with different colors and shapes).  We had a user request the ability to hover over a curve and see the Y-Channel associated with that curve.  I think this would also be a neat idea for View (which already has some "hover" capabilities).  Multiple overlaid curves could either all be displayed (with color indicators?), or only display the top curve (since it's the visible one).




Hello Josh


if you have DIAdem version 2011 it is possible to get more information about the highlighted objects by pressing SHIFT. You will see a tooltip. For curves the associated X- and Y-channels are displayed.


Display Tooltip with SHIFT.jpg


Please let us know if this is sufficient for you.





That works great!

It does look like it only shows the channel, Is there any way to get it to show the group reference (for graphs where we're plotting the same channel for multiple different groups, or where curve expansion is turned on)?





Trusted Enthusiast

Hi Josh,


R&D has agreed to extend the <Shift> display feature above to include both the Group and Channel information for the curve being hovered over.  This is already implemented and working in the daily build and should be available in the next DIAdem version, 2012.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Status changed to: In Development
Active Participant
Status changed to: In Beta
Derrick S.
Product Manager
National Instruments
Trusted Enthusiast
Status changed to: Completed
This feature shipped with DIAdem 2012-- in the REPORT panel if you hold down the key and hover your mouse over a curve, you will see the channels behind the curve in a tip strip.