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Configurable background color for VIEW

Allow the background color for the VIEW window to be changed. Ideally to black to match the default color on LabVIEW graphs and charts. Difficult to see the lighter colors (yellow, orange) on a white background.

Trusted Enthusiast

Hi Flyfisherman,


R&D has heard this request and is aware of your interest, but so far very few customers have asked for this.  Perhaps the "silent majority" of DIAdem users out there will log on and kudo this request to give it a stronger priority.  Note that one of the complicating details with changing the 2D graph background to black is that you then have to also change the 2D graph axis color and axis tick marks from black to some other color, otherwise they're invisible.  So we're really talking about the beginning of full color formatting of 2D graphs in VIEW.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments


I would prefer to write my scripts with a black background. staring at a white screen hurts my eyes after a while.

Active Participant
Status changed to: New

Hello Flyfisherman,

Thank you for your request. We understand your suggestion but given the age of this entry and the fact that just a few sponsors are supporting it, we have decided to decline this suggestion and prefer to develop more frequently requested features instead. We hope you understand this. 



Active Participant
Status changed to: Under Consideration


Thank you for your request. R&D has read this suggestion and it will be included in feature planning discussions for future DIAdem versions. But because of the huge numbers of possible DIAdem extensions and the fact that just a few sponsors are supporting it, we gave this request a very low priority.




I think this is a really necessary feature. There is a surprise to have a software for visualizing data with so little interest in how the user visualize the data. 


We need this feature too, especially in the script tab.


I hope this will be implemented in the future.