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Change x-Axis to Absolute Time for Waveform files in VIEW and Report

I do not understand why it is not possible jet. After I Drag and Drop a Waveform inside VIEW. A possibility to change the x-Axis to absolute time should be possible.

The only way of doing it now is creating an extra Time Channel.Smiley Sad

Trusted Enthusiast

Hi Mex_J,


DIAdem 2011 made the creation of the corresponding DateTime channel from the waveform properties much  easier by including a new "Absolute time reference" radio button in the Waveform<==>Numeric ANALYSIS function.


Making this even easier is a priority for the R&D team, but it's actually harder under the hood that you would guess by just looking at the user interface.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments


Diadem could use "wf_time_pref" property of TDMS waveform channels as LabVIEW does, to decide wether to show absolute or relative time.


When we use waveforms it's because we want to save space in the TDM files, so it is annoying to have to create extra data only for viewing a signal.

Yohann L.
Active Participant
Status changed to: Under Consideration


Thank you for your request. R&D has read this suggestion and it will be included in feature planning discussions for future DIAdem versions.



Active Participant
Status changed to: In Beta

Please have look at the DIAdem 2019 Beta to check the implementation regarding this request.

To participate at the DIAdem Beta Program, please register yourself at ni.com/beta