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Axis Button on VIEW to collect 'Like Units' Together



At present there are a number of ways to apply Y-Axes to a collection of curves on a 2D Curve chart, as shown:



But my colleagues and I think it would be useful if there could be a button that generated an axis per unit type (e.g. Volts, Amps, DegC). That way like curves can be compared on the same axis without the distortion of larger number curves skewing the perspective of the axis.  


This is an AWESOME idea.  Would love to take it one step further. I have pressure transducers that are high pressure and low pressure. Even though all are in PSI, would be great to be able to group the lows and group the high's on separate charts. Viewing 9 separate Y axes right now at the same time isn't very good...though its a good excuse to need a larger monitor.


Hello sg000,


By using curve related scaling with the n-Systems or n-Y-Axes display you can achieve something like this.


Hope that helps,



Curve-related scaling.png


I haven't used the curve related scaling much. I'll have to spend more time with it.  I have usually avoided setting manual scale because as I scan left and right along the X Time axis the Y scales need to adjust quite a lot. One of the reasons I love the auto-scale in View. Just always have to watch out that the 1" movement on the screen is .1 psi or 10 psi when making evaluations! Smiley Tongue  Thanks Marcus.



My Bad. After playing with the Curve-Related, I see one of the options is "Automatic". OK, convinced now that would be a solution for my needs.