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Allow VIEW area re-arranging by clicking/dragging

Status: In Development

This feature request is planned for DIAdem 2020 SP1

Sometimes you want to move an area around, and the only way right now is to re-create an area which is quite inefficient.

Trusted Enthusiast

Hi Julia,


I like this idea a lot.  How about this for a practical clarification of your suggestion-- what if when you dragged Area1 onto Area2, the locations of Area1 and Area2 were swapped?  That would make the implementation much more defined, because both the user and the DIAdem developer would always know where the area should be dragged to, and the overall layout of Areas wouldn't need to change.  Or are you envisioning a different "move" dynamic here?


Brad Turpin

DIadem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments


Your clarification describes what I'd like perfectly!


It would also be nice if you could drag sheets to rearrange w/o the dialog box.

Trusted Enthusiast

Hi CReese,


I totally agree that dragging sheets in VIEW or REPORT or SCRIPT to rearrange them directly would be awesome.  It's a very common feature in a lot of products and matches what most customer expect.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments


In addition, the ability to "clone" an area by copy / paste would be very useful.

Active Participant

I definately like this. Examples of similar behaviour would be in customizing group pages in ni community.  This may be a bit rich but just swapping would be good, but what if they are currently next to each other and you want them above/below instead.

James Mc
CLA and cRIO Fanatic
My writings on LabVIEW Development are at devs.wiresmithtech.com
Active Participant
Status changed to: Under Consideration


Thank you for your request. R&D has read this suggestion and it will be included in feature planning discussions for future DIAdem versions. But because of the huge numbers of possible DIAdem extensions, we gave this request a very lower priority.



Active Participant
Status changed to: In Development

This feature request is planned for DIAdem 2020 SP1


Exciting, thanks!!