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XLR8 tool kit and LabView 2020

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Does anyone know if the latest XLR8 tool kit works with LabView 2020? I am migrating a development system, and upgrading to LabView 2020. There seems to be some problems with XLR8 - I'm getting errors when opening files and corrupt files when creating new ones. 


E.g. opening a file (xlsx) created in Excel 365, I get: 


Error 5002<ERR>
Sheet could not be found in workbook. Please make sure the sheet name is spelled correctly.

Naturally, I checked the sheet name but nothing is wrong there. 


If I create a new file, add some data to a sheet and close it (save=true), there is no error but file is corrupt and only 26 bytes. If I save it without closing, there is the same 5002 error as above (guessing file maybe is closed and reopened in this operation). 


Looking into the .Net references for Sheets of the reference bundle when creating a file, this array seems to be empty. The WBK and CurSheet references look like they contain the correct names of the sheets I added, number of sheets and index of active sheet. 


I'd be really grateful if anyone has experience of XLR8 with LV 2020 (and possible pointers on how to make it work). 

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This problem was solved after some more googling on the error codes. Turns out it had nothing to do with LabView 2020, but with the language settings of the new machine I installed on. 


Preferred language in Windows 10 was set to "English (Sweden)". This created some codepage problem in the SharpZipLib used in NPOI. Changing the preferred language to "English (United States)" solved the issue. 


From what I understand, the NPOI version used in XLR8 is 2.1, which is from 2014. This version uses SharpZipLib 0.86, where the zip codepage doesn't default to utf8. Updating to newer NPOI (and newer SharpZipLib) should solve this in XLR8. 

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thanks for the ticket and especially for the workaround.


We are currently in the process to update XLR8 to a current version of NPOI. We hope to release an update sometime in Q1-2021. We will keep you informed about the further progress.




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