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X/Y Chart Continuous line

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Hi, I have a setup in X/Y Chart to plot graph of 2 sensor readings in real time.

The graph seems to refresh(line disappears) after a couple of seconds. I would like to have all past data shown on graph to verify characteristic curve.

How can this be achieve?



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Sorry, guys.

Was being blind.... just one simple thing. Found it now.



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Accepted by topic author Kentzzzz

That "simple" thing is the setting in the X/Y Chart properties to define the number of blocks before refresh. The property is "Delete after", and it is specified in blocks, not samples or values. The maximum is shown beneath the setting. 


I'm glad that you found it! If you have DASYLab Full or Pro you can also reset the display using an Action module. That allows you to make the "Delete after" a very large number, and then reset when you want to. 

- cj

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Thank you so much CJ.

It seems you are the most enthusiastic expert with Dasylab. One more question which you might be able to help me with.

I am currently implementing our DAQ with 1208FS + 2 load cell + 2 displacement sensors. I have managed to get both readings and plot graph as desired. Is there a simple way to zero the readings easily?

I have managed to do this within 2 steps. First step is to run one file which reads the offset values I want to zero at and store as global variable. Then run another one which reads the values off global variables and subtract off. 

Is there a simpler way of doing this? I am using the trial version at the moment and we'll purchase the licencing once everything works well. Hopefully the lite version would be sufficient for what I have here.

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Thanks for the compliments! DASYLab has been a joy to work with over the last 25+ years! I enjoy hearing about how our customers use the software, and I'm always glad to help.


Use the Scaling module in "Offset Adjust" mode. Select it when you add the module to the work area. 

You'll see that one setting is to use the first block of data to offset the value. It averages the first block, and then uses that to "zero" the value. 


With strain based sensors, you sometimes want to clear and re-zero a sensor. With DASYLab Lite, you can do that using a Key Action (Options menu). Configure two key combinations - one to reset the Scaling offset and one to set it using the current values. 


With DASYLab Full and Pro, you can use the Action module to to that, but you don't have that in DASYLab Lite or Basic. Key Actions give you the same feature, but only using a keyboard key combination as the event to invoke the action.

- cj

Measurement Computing (MCC) has free technical support. Visit www.mccdaq.com and click on the "Support" tab for all support options, including DASYLab.
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Hi, CJ.

This is great! Worked exactly the same and saves me from running 2 different programs. 

Great appreciation here!

Hope everything goes well and I am pretty sure that there will be plenty more questions later on.





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