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USB-1608FS-Plus and Dasylab Analogue Input

Morning, I have just taken delivery of Measurement Computing USB-1608FS and it is recognised in DasyLab. When I look at the input module is has a box that displays the voltage it sees on the channel I have designated. If I then attach a digital volt meter to the worksheet, the volt meter does not display the same voltage. For example, I have a voltage of 0.212 volts connected and the input module displays 0.212v but the digital meter displays 153.5 if +/- 10v range selected, 78.4 if +/- 5v selected, 33.39 if +/- 2v selected and 18.39 if +/- 1v selected. Why does the digital meter not display the correct voltage and why would the displayed value change depending on input range selected? Previously on any device I have played around with, by adding a DVM it displays the correct voltage. Thanks

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I have installed everything on another laptop and it all works fine. The input module looks different so must have been some glitch on original install.

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Hello, could you share a picture showing what you mean by the analog input module looks different? Also include the Help->MCC-DRV->Driver Information page.

Thank you,

Measurement Computing


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Sorry for the delay in getting back. Apparently my DasyLab V12 was using an old driver in conjunction with Windows 7. The driver was the latest available on the MCC site but was version 12. something. DasyLab configurator would show two versions of the driver but would only load the 'classic' one. This driver gave me a completely different input module when I chose AI in DasyLab. Had an online chat with someone and they pointed me to a version 13. driver available from a dropbox account and that installed fine and everything is working as it should now. Many thanks for getting back.

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Thank you for the update and have a great day!



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