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USB-1608FS-Plus and Dasylab Analogue Input

Morning, I have just taken delivery of Measurement Computing USB-1608FS and it is recognised in DasyLab. When I look at the input module is has a box that displays the voltage it sees on the channel I have designated. If I then attach a digital volt meter to the worksheet, the volt meter does not display the same voltage. For example, I have a voltage of 0.212 volts connected and the input module displays 0.212v but the digital meter displays 153.5 if +/- 10v range selected, 78.4 if +/- 5v selected, 33.39 if +/- 2v selected and 18.39 if +/- 1v selected. Why does the digital meter not display the correct voltage and why would the displayed value change depending on input range selected? Previously on any device I have played around with, by adding a DVM it displays the correct voltage. Thanks

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I have installed everything on another laptop and it all works fine. The input module looks different so must have been some glitch on original install.

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Hello, could you share a picture showing what you mean by the analog input module looks different? Also include the Help->MCC-DRV->Driver Information page.

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Measurement Computing


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