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DasyLab cannot use the tasks defined in MAX after using different Measuring card

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Hello everyone,


for simple temperature and pressure measurements, my team and I used the NI USB_6210 device with formerly defined tasks in NI MAX and everything went well.

After acquiring and launching the NI USB-6000 measuring device in NI MAX (everything was ok), we tried to use it in Dasylab with the same tasks as before. Dasylab can sucessfully identify the new device but states that the driver is not able to use the defined tasks. No matter which task I create in NI MAX, the error message stays the same. And also for the former device, the tasks cannot be used anymore.

What can cause this problem?


Thanks for help, I appreciate it very much.

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Accepted by topic author Decan

What versions are you using: DASYLab, DAQmx?

When using DASYLab, stay away from the early DAQmx 15.x versions. Please use 16.x, 15.5, or 14.x (if you need to).


When changing the configuration in MAX, make sure to use the synchronization option in DASYLab's menubar (Measurement, device properties, NI), or simply restart DASYLab.


DASYLab does not "talk" to devices, DASYLab "talks" to tasks: In MAX make sure, that the tasks point to the correct hardware device. Remove tasks that do not work, and tasks that are currently unnecessary. Use the Export option in MAX to save task information to a file.


DAQmx modules in a worksheet have saved information about the configured tasks. When you change the tasks properties in MAX (points to an other device, channel name was changed, etc), it could be necessary to open a DAQmx module's property dialog to update its task's information.

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After deleting the not required tasks, DasyLab was able to use the new defined task for the new device.

Thank you very much!

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It does help to know the versions of the software that you are using. DASYLab has continually updated and improved the NI-DAQmx driver. One driver release did not work if there were invalid tasks. A subsequent release resolved this. 


You can get a great deal of information in the Help menu, NI, Driver Information. Many drivers have this feature, as well.

Without this information, we start guessing as to the problem. Help - NI - NI-DAQmx Driver Information

Measurement Computing (MCC) has free technical support. Visit www.mccdaq.com and click on the "Support" tab for all support options, including DASYLab.
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