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DaqBook 2000 lost connexion

DaqBook 2000 lost connexion



I have a connexion error with DaqBook 2000 ("Could not open device") in this case :

I have a worksheet that do acquisition at 200Hz during 30 seconde and it's reloaded and do it again during 8 hours.

But near 200 times the error appear and the only solution to solve it is to close DasyLab and switch off the DaqBook.


Configuration :

DasyLab V8

Win Xp

IOTECH Driver V 7


Thanks a lot for your answer.



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Re: DaqBook 2000 lost connexion

First of all I would suggest to download the newest version of DASYLab and IOTech drivers and install them in a separate computer and see how it perform.


There were many improvments from V8.


Please, make sure to backup your worksheet becasue, if you save it with the new version, it will be difficult to go back.

Tom Rizzo
InSyS Corp.
Your DASYLab integrator
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Re: DaqBook 2000 lost connexion


The Enhanced IOtech DASYLab driver is based on DaqCOM2 and it has problems with worksheets that continuously open and close. Instead it should be recommended that the customer change his worksheet to avoid this. For example, instead use the Combi trigger (set post trigger to stop after 20 seconds) to control Action modules which in turn control a relay in front of a File Write – use another Action to begin new file he so desires. This way the worksheet stays open avoiding the problem.


You should be running the latest software. Download from

- cj

Measurement Computing (MCC) has free technical support. Visit and click on the "Support" tab for all support options, including DASYLab.
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Re: DaqBook 2000 lost connexion

Hello Hugus and all,


Were you able to find a solution to this issue?


I am experiencing a similar type of issue (Requested device is not online, Cannot open device of specified type) for a DAQBook/2001. I am using it with LabVIEW 2009.


My sequence involves a few types of acquisitions (counting pulses, switching relays/digital outputs, reading analog inputs). I carefully close the communication to the DAQ after each acquisition. Everything works fine for a while, then suddenly I cannot communicate with the DAQ anymore.


I would appreciate if you could share how you solved this problem, maybe it gives me a hint of what I am not doing right.


Thank you very much.

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Re: DaqBook 2000 lost connexion



The solution was to force the disconnection between 2 acquisitions.

We didn't have answer by IOTech or NI.


Good luck !



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Re: DaqBook 2000 lost connexion

Thank you for replying, Hugus.


Closing the connection after each acquistion did improve the behaviour of my application too - the connection is lost less often. However, still, the connection is lost every now and then. The DAQ needs to be turned off/on to re-establish the connection.


Thank you,



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