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::: DAQ-Logger

::: Description :::

The DAQ-Logger was designed for companies that need a data acquisition solution making use of NI CompactDAQ without developing a LabVIEW application.
Fully designed to the end users, its functionality requires no programming experience.

::: Characteristics :::

bd21298_ Easy selection of sampling rates, scales and filters per channel;

bd21298_ Data storage in TDMS format with all its properties;

bd21298_ Allows viewing TDMS files and perform simple measurements (RMS, average, etc.);

bd21298_ Included support documentation;

bd21298_ Requires activation for each computer;

bd21298_ User interface optimized for touchscreen devices;

bd21298_ Supports up to 3 Chassis of cDAQ (any model);

bd21298_ Recognizes inserted modules and removed while running with one click;

bd21298_ Easy synchronization between multiple chassis;

bd21298_ Acquires Analog, Digital and CAN signals;

bd21298_ Enables smart search within the CAN database;

bd21298_ Manages user errors and act to correct them;