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Unable to change Sample Timing Type for Counter Input in DAQExpress



I have an encoder wired up to a NI USB-6218 BNC and have readings on DAQExpress. However, the sample rate is set to only 10Hz (100ms) and I am looking to maximise this.


In the Task panel of my counter input I am able to deselect "Auto Managed Timing", but can only set the Sample Timing Type to "Software" in the dropdown - it is the only option and gives no further controls.


I can't find anywhere to raise the sample rate within the software. I'd prefer to sample using hardware, how do i change to this?



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For anyone stumbling upon this - it seems timings for counters cannot be controlled within the usual entry-level UI of DAQExpress: you need to build a GVI within DAQExpress (similar to constructing a VI in LABVIEW, but with some reduced functionality) to help with this.

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