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Too much noise


Too much noise

Dear people, 

I am kind of new with national instruments. I am trying to acquire voltage from a sensor with NI 9220 and force with NI 9237. Both of then presents high level of noise. I have already connected the NI9174 chassi in a ground cable and i am using mode differential for acquisition. 

Funny is when i conect the sensor in another acquiriment system (spider 8.1 - HBM - an old model), the noise goes away. I have read that national instruments provides a good signal and good quality for measurements. It doesn`t make sense, i can guess i am doing something wrong. Does anyone can help me please ?


Thanks a lot 

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Re: Too much noise

Hey Arthuruuuuuu,


What is the level of noise your are seing? Could you share screenshots of the noisy data and also share how do you set the task for each module?


Felipe Flores
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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