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How to create a counter (linear encoder) graph in DAQExpress?

Hi ,


I am using DAQExpress 5.1 and I have connected a quadrature linear encoder to a NI USB-6210. I have created a counter task and I can view the position of the linear encoder live as well as capturing the position and exporting to a .CSV file in the task view.


I would like to display the position of the encoder over time in a graph. I have created a VI and I have dragged my counter task to the VI diagram but I am getting an error message that says "this node is not supported in DAQExpress"



I am surprised such a basic feature is not supported in DAQExpress. Is this really the case or I am doing something wrong?



Linear encoder graph.jpg 


Thanks for your help



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I stumbled on the same issue. I'm trying to read the frequency from a prox switch to get RPM on a shaft. It works fine when running the standalone task, but I can't drag it into a VI to add it to the program. Were you able to figure anything out on this?? I think it's an issue with the "NSample" part of the node. If you make it so it only reads 1 sample it works, but it doesn't give the same data to the VI that you see in the task.

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Hi jhickel,


I dropped DAQExpress and moved to Labview 2020. There are too many limitations with DAQExpress.




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