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DAQExpress won't start and loading screen is unresponsive with "Loaded NationalInstruments.Native Target"

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We have multiple users, with different PCs all seeing this issue. Occasionally, DAQExpress will load but 90% of the time we are seeing freeze during the startup.  All of the PCs were working with DAQExpress previously.  It's seems like it could be DAQExpress trying to call NI and getting blocked, but we don't know how.  Is anyone else seeing this issue or are there any suggestions on how to fix it?  We have reinstalled DAQExpress and DAQmx.

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Update - the issue was related to security software.  It was silently blocking DAQExpress

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Hi Simonj74, 


Thank you for sharing the information!


I met the same issue. Do you have a workaround?




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Our IT folks added all the NI program folders to a white list.  I don't know the exact steps and think it will depend on your firewall and any security software

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